HTTP query parameters are captured by Limberest into a Query object. The method Query.getFilters() returns a map that your service can use to filter results.
Query also provides the built-in match() method which can be used with with Java Streams for convenient autofiltering. Here’s an example from limberest-demo’s MoviesPersistFile:

    public List<Movie> retrieve(Query query) throws PersistException {
        List<Movie> movies = getMovies();
        Stream<Movie> stream = movies.stream();
        // filter
        if (query.hasFilters() || query.getSearch() != null) {
            stream = stream.filter(movie -> query.match(new JsonMatcher(movie.toJson())));
        // sort
        if ((query.getSort() != null && !"title".equals(query.getSort())) || query.isDescending()) {
            stream = stream.sorted(new JsonableComparator(query, (j1, j2) -> {
                return getSortTitle(j1).compareToIgnoreCase(getSortTitle(j2));
        // paginate
        if (query.getStart() > 0)
            stream = stream.skip(query.getStart());
        if (query.getMax() != Query.MAX_ALL)
            stream = stream.limit(query.getMax());
        return stream.collect(Collectors.toList());

In the limberest-demo app a streamable list of Movies is held in memory. The retrieve() method above:

Meta Parameters

A few meta parameters have special meaning to Query objects:

These special parameters are not included in getFilters(), but can be accessed directly (getSort()). You can use these special fields to further process the results returned by your service as in the filtering, sorting and paginating examples above.

Sample requests

Try these against the limberest-demo movies service to see how query parameters affect results:

retrieve all movies:

retrieve movies made in 1931:

retrieve movies made after 1935:

retrieve all movies, sorted by rating in descending order:

retrieve movies with a rating of 3.5 or above, sorted by year:

find all movies with Bela Lugosi:

retrieve the first page of movies, with page size = 25

retrieve the second page of movies, with page size = 25

retrieve the first page of movies from a list sorted by year

retrieve the first page of movies featuring Boris Karloff, sorted by year

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